Product: RFP - Reference Pure Serie
Finish: Black Mist

Dimension: Bassdrum 22“x20“, Tom 10“x7“, Tom 12“x8“, Floor Tom 14“x12“Floor Tom 16“x14“, Octobans 6“ (x2)

Pearl 13”x5” Natural Mahogany Signature Serie Omar Hakim, Pearl14”x6,5” Free Floating System Snare Master Cast, 14”x6,5” Beaded Brass, Black Nickel Plated Signature Serie Steve Ferrone, Pearl 14“x6,5“ Ultra Cast Serie Aluminium Shell, Pearl Reference Pure Serie 13“x6,5“, Pearl 14“x5“ Elx Serie, Yamaha 15" x 5" Birch Snare Drum: John "JR" Robinson Signature Model, 10”x 5” Mapex pro snare, W.J.E. 6,5“x14“ Inox/BrassSnare

Pearl Hardware Systems: Double Pedals Power Shifter Eliminator, Demon Drive Double Pedals, Hi- Hat Stand Eliminator, Snare Stands S-1000 Series, Cymbal Stands 800 & 1000 Series,Tom Hoders 1000 Series, Drum Thrones Roc‘n’Soc


Zildjian A Crash fast 17“, Zildjian K Custom Crash Session 16“, Zildjian K Custom Crash Hybrid 17“, Zildjian K Custom Crash Hybrid 19“, Zildjian A Armand Ride 21“, Zildjian K Hi Hat 14“, Zildjian EFX 16“, Zildjian K Custom Splash Dark 8“, Zildjian K Custom Splash Dark 10“, Zildjian Trashformer 10“

Signature Drumstick

Evans Drumheads
Evans Genera G1 & G2 Coated, Power Center Rev. Dot SD Coated White,
GMAD Clear, Calftone Serie


of high quality SANREdrums

Gehörschutz - In Ear Monitoring


Das innovative Schlagraum Team setzt neue Impulse fur den heutigen
individuelen Drummer/in. Der Zeitgeist ist reif fur neue ideen und persönlichen Anfertigungen.
Ein „Muss“ fur jeden Perfektionisten. „my taste !“

"just really simple think(s) with great effect" the one and only CYMPAD !

Hardcase"for total peace of mind" - i trust HARDCASE